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Home Connect: Create a connected household in just a few steps

Home Connect is not just intuitive and simple to use, it can also be set up in just a few steps. Find out here how to install Home Connect appliances and connect them to the app.

Starting up Home Connect and linking to your smartphone or tablet

Smartphone screen showing registration within the Home Connect app

Registering and creating your user account/account

You need an account in order to use Home Connect and therefore to control and manage your home appliances remotely via the app.

How to register and create your account: Download the Home Connect app onto your smartphone or your tablet PC either from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store and install it. With the device connected to the Wi-Fi network at the location of the Home-Connect-enabled home appliance, open the Home Connect app. Enter your first name and surname, your e-mail address (user ID) and any further information if required. Enter a password you have chosen yourself and confirm this.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration which contains a validation link. Confirm your registration by clicking on the validation link within 10 days.

Wi-Fi router connected to the Home Connect app

Local Wi-Fi requirements including router settings

Home Connect normally works with the standard Wi-Fi settings on commercially available routers. In some cases, certain settings need to be changed manually. If necessary, please check the following settings on your router. You can find information on the configuration settings in the installation instructions for your router.

  • If you are unsure about the configuration of your router, use the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button on your router for easier installation. WPS configures the Wi-Fi security automatically for Wi-Fi Protected Setup-enabled network devices.

If necessary, e. g. in the event of manual setup, the following tips and settings should be noted:

  • Encrypt your Wi-Fi network, preferably using security level WPA2 or at least WPA. Open networks are not suitable for use with Home Connect.
  • Home Connect works with the following network modes: IEEE 802.11 b, g and n. Please ensure that your router is set up accordingly. Home appliances are only compatible with a 2.4 GHz band. When you connect an appliance, please change the settings for your network accordingly.
  • Home Connect does not work with Wi-Fi networks which require browser registration, e. g. where the user name and password must be entered via the web browser.
  • You should have a stable Wi-Fi network with a good signal and access to the Internet.
  • Turn off the "MAC Filter" on the router to prevent MAC addresses for your home appliances and communication-enabled appliances from being saved.
  • The use of proxies is not recommended.
  • Ports 443, 8080 and 123 must be open.
  • The multicast-routing option must be enabled on the router in order to establish a connection to Home Connect appliances.

Wi-Fi symbol together with Home Connect

Integrating the home appliance into your home Wi-Fi network

There are two ways in which home appliances can be integrated into a home network: Automatic and manual network login. If the router on your home network has a WPS function, you can log the home appliance into the network automatically. If your router does not have a WPS function, or if you are not sure if it does, simply log your home appliance into the home network manually.

How to integrate a home appliance into the home network:

The Home Connect wizard on your home appliance will display how to connect the appliance to your home network. A detailed description of the necessary steps can also be found in the insert which is supplied with your new home appliance.

Automatic network login:

The Home Connect wizard will attempt to automatically log in the relevant home appliance via the WPS function on your router (you can find information about WPS in the instructions for your router). If you have enabled automatic login, you need to confirm the connection by pressing down the WPS button on your router within two minutes. As soon as the home appliance is successfully connected to your home network, a message appears in the appliance display confirming this.

Manual network login:

You can also enable and set up the network login manually. To do this, you need to select the "connect manually" option in the Home Connect wizard on your home appliance. The home appliance now establishes its own Wi-Fi network which you can access using your smartphone or tablet PC. Now open the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile device and connect it to the available Home Connect Wi-Fi for your home appliance (password: HomeConnect). You will now be able to see the home appliance in the Home Connect app on your smartphone or tablet PC and you can transfer the access details for your home network (Wi-Fi) to the home appliance and thus integrate it into your home network.

A man connecting his home appliances to the Home Connect app on his tablet

Connecting the home appliance to the Home Connect app (pairing)

So that the app has access to your home appliances, you need to connect the appliance not just to your Wi-Fi, but also to the Home Connect app.

How to connect a home appliance to the app:

If the relevant home appliance is logged into your home network, all you need to do is connect it to your Home Connect account. To do this, open the Home Connect app on your mobile device and log in. Then, activate the "Connect to the app" function on your home appliance. Since this step may vary on different home appliances, please see the insert (supplied with your home appliance). The app automatically detects your appliance. To complete the installation process, select "Add device" in the app.

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