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Home Connect is much more than just the opportunity to control your kitchen intelligently. Home Connect provides you with access to a unique network of partner services from a wide range of areas. These include a digital cookery instructor, voice control for your kitchen, an automatic ordering service for consumables, Smart Home integration and energy management and many other applications. You can adapt these perfectly to your needs. With Home Connect and the connected partner network, you can organise your home so that it is as comfortable and efficient as you wish. S that you save time and, above all, so that it is exciting.

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Smart Home

Intelligent solutions for a home that knows what to do.

Imagine leaving the house in the morning and not having to waste time thinking about whether you turned off all the lights because your home does it for you. Your heating system automatically reduces the temperature when you're not there and you can start your dishwasher exactly when you want to – even remotely. Although this sounds futuristic, it can already easily be done today.

Voice Assistants

Say "hello" to a new way of controlling your home appliances.

We often have both our hands full when cooking or doing household tasks. What if you could control your home appliances easily using your voice? Or, if you could ask your voice assistant to read out a recipe to you? From now on, you will not only have your hands free, but you will have a reliable assistant, which will save you time and effort, inspire you and provide you with information about your home. And – if you wish – you can even talk to each other about the weather.

Food & Recipes

Just the way you like it: Recipes, cooking tips and inspiration with success guaranteed.

There's one question that's often on our minds when we're home: "What should I cook today?". You no longer need to worry about this or many other problems: From inspiration for recipes to the perfect settings for your oven, hob and extractor hood, through to delivery of the food, it will all be taken care of for you. Elevate your cooking skills to a completely new level – and save both time and your nerves at the same time.

Connected Devices & Services Management & Control

It's in your hands: Control your home at the press of a button.

Do you want to get out of bed in the morning with your favourite coffee waiting for you? Do you want your lamp in the living room to flash when the washing machine has finished? Let your imagination run wild and make these scenarios a reality – making your life easier and more enjoyable.

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