A family is sitting in the living room using the Home Connect app on a tablet.

"Children can be challenging at times, so any help is welcome"

Anyone with children will know that when they're playing, they're in a world of their own. Whilst at other times they are so full of energy, so it's difficult to keep them out of trouble. Although Home Connect does not do the parenting for us, it does help keep all the family safer and simplifies chores around the home.

A child is baking with their mum and turns on the Home Connect oven to pre-heat using an Alexa voice command.

"Alexa, start Home Connect oven"

The children love it when we bake together after school. We all know it's much more fun as a game. That's why Alexa is the perfect partner to Home Connect. The children can tell the Home Connect oven to pre-heat using a voice command. For example, while they are busy using their hands to knead the dough.

A child standing in the hall with dirty clothes. The mum stops the washing cycle with the Home Connect app.

"Anyone with children has to be flexible"

Our son may only be little, but he's an expert at getting his clothes in a big mess. Whether it's juice or food, he always manages to get a bit of something down his clothes. Our Home Connect washing machine is well-prepared for these situations. Even if the washing machine is already running I can stop it with Home Connect, add my son's dirty things and then resume the washing cycle.

"Home Connect looks after things – even if we're busy doing something else"

When my husband comes home from work, we set 15 minutes aside just for the two of us. We talk about the day and plan outings and other upcoming events. Sometimes our children get into mischief when we're doing that. My three-year-old daughter Maria loves to play with the controls on the oven. Luckily we have Home Connect. It means we can child-proof our Smart Home even from the sofa and monitor the status of home appliances.

A couple sitting on the sofa using the Home Connect app.
Two children are playing on the sofa doing headstands.

"Definitely the best choice: Home Connect is the perfect way to keep the family safe."

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